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New Terracotta is a profoundly Portuguese handmade ceramic project. It is a modern line of Azulejos and glazed clay pieces produced manually by Portuguese craftsmen.The premise is simple: to merge the ancient technique with contemporary aesthetics, offering a new dimension of the tile.


Craftsmanship. We are heirs of a rich past based on ceramic tradition. Our masters produce according to ancient techniques with generations of history.
Design. We work with in house designers and prestigious collaborators across a range of inspirations. We offer a traditional material with a new vision.
Quality. Every ceramic piece meets our uncompromising standards for quality assurance and excellence. Both our clay bodies and art glazes are formulated by us.


We believe that character is far more than just a visual attribute, but it triggers a tangible feel. The more time and effort we spend on a piece, the more enjoyment people will derive from it. We strongly believe that people prefer handmade products.

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We are happy to tell you about our production process but we would prefer to show it. You are always welcome to visit us!

Green Policy

We produce clay materials that are eco-friendly, thanks to our forward looking environmental policy. We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment. We reclaim our own liquid waste glaze and our scrap clay and put it back into our clay body. Heat captured from our kilns is used to dry our tiles prior to firing. These measures help maintain the environment, eliminating several items from the waste stream and reducing energy waste.

The Factory - Manual
Tile final setting
Handmade Clay Preparation
Manual Touch
Drying Biscuit
Molding Matrix
Blending Glass Liquid
Manual Glazing
Spray Glazing Process
Handpainting Azulejos
Pottery Master Pieces
Artisanal Process
Kiln Shelves
Kiln Tile Fire
Drying Time
Plaster Mould
Machine Zoom
Tile Shelves Kiln